Bench Update: 1k Bonaventure all lit up for the holidays!

Half in the bag? Sure, why not? Been getting quite a bit of work done on this bad girl now that there’s a little more time during this Thanksgiving break. I placed all the LEDs in the various locations but I had to grind the window + nav LEDs flat on both sides to make them fit between the hull halves. Also mounted the power plug and once everything was soldered I joined the hulls. For the most part they squeeze together really easily, although I did have to trim just a tad around the nacelle pylons. Not a big deal because some of those areas were then filled with putty.  Same for the seam between the hulls…just a little bit of putty and she’s golden. I was also very happy to see that none of the electronics were compromised during the joining!! Anyway, there’s just a little bit of sanding + masking yet to do before I prime but once that happens it will be a VERY short time until she’s ready for paint + decals!


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