Bench Update: 1/1000 + 1/2500 USS Bonaventure

OK. LOOOOOONG back story behind this one. Well, it at least starts over a year ago. Last July (2011) Eric Lakie of Delta Quadrant models contacted me about 3D designing a master for him. I had done some decal work for him in the past and we were both excited about another opportunity to work together. That being said, I had never done a Star Trek ship and my experience with CAD work was still very very introductory. I figured this would be a good learning process and if I took my time and did things right, all would come out good. Now, as I say these things you might derive a touch of cynicism or negativity in my tone; this is not the case. Perhaps what you are detecting is a bit of over-extended patience.  This kit went through…lets see…1…2…3…4…5 people’s hands to get into production!!!

So: timeline. Last fall I spent a few months working on the design and getting things correct here and there, all the while in dialogue with Eric about certain design features. We went with a hollow design to allow for lighting so I broke down the parts to take into consideration some parts being cast in clear. More towards winter I kept running into some design issues AND had learned a lot in regards to CAD design since I started the project so I completely rebuilt the file! 

Last spring (2012) was when the parts were finally 3D printed and they didn’t hit rubber (molds weren’t made) until early this past summer. Now for the past month or 2 the kits have been in the hands of the decal designer for fitting! He’s the one who finally sent me my kits. As of this point right now I have the parts washed and mildly cleaned up. There is still a bit of sanding and drilling to do. This project will also be lit, so the LEDs are on order, too. Oh, and I have to do it in just a few weeks because I will be taking product photography for the packaging. Woot.

Oh, and I have 2 other big projects on the bench (yes, Eduard! I’m still working on yours! Stay tuned!)

and the 2500


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