Bench Update: Sovereign Replicas/JBOT 1/72 TIE Defender

This guy has been sitting in my bin for sometime now and lately the itch to build him just kept getting stronger and stronger. I figured this would be a good time because I can get some steps done during the in-between stages on a couple of other builds (both posts coming soon!). It’s also a fairly straight-forward build because it needs very little work to be built up nicely. REL (Richard Long, Sovereign Replicas) patterned this a few years back and sold off the master to JBOT, who cast a copy for me.

Here’s a list of the modifications I’ve done (all it “needs”):

  • wings were a little misshapen so I heated and fixed
  • sanded down canopy panel to allow a flush fit for the clear resin canopy
  • added some detail to the rear opening in each wing
  • added small steel tubes to replace the laser cannon barrels

I could have hollowed out the cockpit ball pretty easily but I didn’t really want to deal with a cockpit build up for this one. It’ll be badass enough. 🙂 God, I just love the shape of this fighter!


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