Bench Update: Tamiya 1/48 Fw190D-9 JV44 Red 3

A lot of qualifiers for this title! Right now I’m really enjoying Tamiya’s kits AND my foray into 1/48th scale airplanes! This one was another breeze to build and paint. Add-ons include rivets, of course, Eduard’s cockpit PE and canopy mask, a little plastic filler for the closed landing gear doors, and some thin-gauge wire for the antennae. There were no real issues with the build. The only thing that “went wrong” was that the wire snapped while I was putting the dark wash on so I had to pop off the canopy to re-attach it. No biggie. Paint wise I used the colors recommended in the instructions. The lighter green was a mix and a little tough to match…if I were to do this build again it would be a few hues darker. Once everything was painted I used MiG’s dark wash and learned that Tamiya paints mixed with flat base ABSORB washes really quickly…so this Dora is really dirty…. After cleaning up the wash it got a coat of Future > then decals > then a little more Future > then flat coat > then more weathering > then final flat coat > then some chipping. The base is Round 2’s new dome base with the title plate from the Eduard PE set.


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