Bench Update: 1/4222 Victory-class Frigate Master started!

The parts for this and it’s bigger brother have been sitting around in my masters’ parts bin for a few months just itching to be handled. Now that there is a little bit of a lull in modeling commissions I thought it might be time to bust these out.  All the parts are laser cut and etched from  .020″ styrene sheets and the supports are 1/16″ brass rods.  Gotta have a straight hull!!!  I missed placing one on the underside of my Venator kit and while the effect doesn’t distract too greatly, it bothers me…thus attention is refocused on making sure the edges stay straight and nothing droops!  The build up process has been relatively quick so far; it’s only been three days and the kit has come along nicely thus far.  I’m thinking that this will end up being a one-piece kit since there really aren’t any major undercuts in the design.  The only potential snag would be the trenches, but knowing how well those areas came out on the Interdictor I’m confident a one-piece design will work.  This kit is also a nice size for 1/4222 @ around 6″ long.  It’s the same size as my 1/4222 Dreadnaught and Interdictor.  What fun!

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