Bench Update: Errant Venture hangar work

Another post-weekend update.

1. Started prep work for billboards
2. Placed engine LEDs
3. Finished up the trench hangars.  The larger forward one have nice built out ceilings complete with equipment.  I’ll place some little ships in each when the time comes. The little starboard aft trench hangar has a dog in it. 🙂
4. Hooked up red flasher LED to some of the fibers.  There are now flashing beacons along side the smaller forward trench hangars as well as near the port docking arm and the forward antenna array.
5. Attached the main ventral hangar with some LEDs. Sorry, no pics on that one yet.
6. Added some pod flood LEDs.  One more to be added on the port side still.
7. Oh, finished bundling ALL the fiber optics to their LEDs.
8. Ran a quick test with most of the non-fibered LEDs.

Next steps will be finishing out the main and auxiliary ventral hangars and their lighting systems.


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