Bench Update: Errant Venture Final Week Outline

Here’s my game plan for the final week of work.  This is going to be a photo finish, folks.

Ventral Hangars
Détail Aux Edges, Seal
Build Walls On Main
Light Up Main & Aux
Detail Main
Detail Hull By Main
Seal Main
Mount Bracket Nut
Dismount & Prime Lower Hull

Mount To Plastic
Mount To Chips
Mount To Hull – 1 in pods
Add Framing Structures
Clear Coat

1X Chip In Port Pods
Solder Resistors To All LEDs
Test All Lights
Solder All Leads To Board
Solder Board To Plug
Solder Plug To Battery Long Leads

Tuck and Secure Wires and Fibers
Join Hulls
Fill Gaps/Seams
Trench Lip Detailing
Trench Hangar Frames
Trench Hangar Face Detailing
Add Barrels To Aux Turrets -parts?
Add Dome Supports

Engine Plate Greeblies
Mask Engines
Prime Engine Area
Mask Off Hangars

Preshading On Hull
Dismount, Take Ball Off First, Then Unscrew Ball
Base Coat Of Paint
Second Coat Of Paint If Necessary
Remount Base To Different Board
Detail Painting
Panel Decals
Red Tip Decals
Micro Sol Decals
Trim Fibers
Dirty Wash And Weathering
Clear Coat Everything
Pencil Lines
Add All Ships To Hangars & Docks

Build/Paint Freighters
Consular In Main Hangar
Little Guys In Trench Hangars
Olympic Carrier On Pod?
Drill Battery Compartment In Base
Drill Hole for Switch
Paint Base
Add Battery Components
Add Feet To Base
Find Mirror For Base & Mount

Final Photography
Photo Edits
Blog Post
SSM Post
SMA Post
SMA Contest Entry
Phoxim Post
PB Upload

Have a beer.

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