Bench Update: Errant fiber…gross.

A few more updates before the big Friday push.  That will be the day where a LOT will hopefully get done.  All the LEDs, etc have arrived so I can start to place them this weekend, too. Yay!!

1. Finished greeblie-izing the trenches, including the back little lips to the sides of the engine plate. Then primed.
2. Mounted the battery plug.  I’ll do external battery in this one just for easy replacement.  The mount and plug will sit nicely next to one another.
3. Primed the pods. Notice anything familiar??
4. Ran fiber amongst the pods.  There has to be something going on in there, right?
5. Started running the trench fibers…ugh.  This is going to take a while.  I’m using .25mm fiber and it looks to be perfect for the scale.  This also means that there can be more fibers for a better effect.
6. Put auxiliary turrets in place.  They still need some detail around them.
7. Started building the Darksaber weapon.
8. Started adding detail to the bridge: vinyl on the antenna, the new domes, the start of an extra array and an extra deflector dome.


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