Bench Update: More Errant Than Before

Continuous momentum.
Finished scribing the main upper hull and all the super structure layer “lids”.
Added side lip strips on the top.
Cleaned up ALL the edges on the super structure pieces.  Also shortened them a few mm.  Something about a shorter “height” on the kit makes it a little more sleek and bad-ass.
Cut out super structure areas to fit Arvey spine into place.  Rather than shave parts of the resin piece down I carved out a gap wide enough for the neck/spine to slip through and put a couple ‘stops’ to hold it in place.  There is still enough room inside to finish out the trash chute.
Mapped out a space for the installation of the Dark Saber-type super weapon.
Flushed out some of the areas behind the main turrets.
Started to add some of the dorsal nose details and carved out the tip to make room for the detailing.
Lastly I used the kit trenches to make some ‘height gauges’ to see how tall the trenches are.  Glad I did because if the kit parts are used the trenches would be waaaaay too tall.  I’ll have to make them up from scratched styrene strips.
The forward trench hangar bays will be nice and big, too.

In the down times I’m starting to get a good lighting scheme in mind so I can order the LEDs.  I’ll be using a mix of warm and cool white LEDs in a few sizes as well as a flashing red or two…those will be for antenna tips and docking port beacons. 😀


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