Bench Update: Embarking upon an Errant Venture!

SO if you saw my last post you’ll notice that I’ve begun piecing together my Errant Venture build.  Right now I’m in the part collecting and layout phase (still need to take a “proof” shot for SMA!).  In the stash are some parts from AMP Models (new bridge tower), some 3D parts (deflector domes) and some possible replacement engine nozzles kindly mastered by Stefan Hacker and cast by Jimi Glancy.  I’ll get another dome printed up and ordered from Shapeways just because there really isn’t time to send it out for casting yet…

Here are some of my notes for the build, too.

– side hangars in trenches at notches
– side docking ports w/ tube extension & cables? (w/ spotlights)
– billboards by hangar entries (illuminated)
– gravity dome in left/top
– Darksaber laser embedded in right/top (illuminated emitter, RGB LED)
– extra deflector domes on bridge module
– observation domes on Promenade & dorsal hulls
– extra turrets/ accurate main turrets
– extra communications arrays on bridge module and nose
– pods and modules off ventral and dorsal hulls
– LOTS of fiber optics
– LED engines
– larger hangar bay entrance
– sand down raised lines & re-engrave hull panels
– accurate side trench trim
– in-scale docked ships

Markings ideas:

– red tip nose panels; ¼; decals or paint?
– Terrik logos
– blast damage/ carbon scoring

As you can probably tell by these photos, I have a LOT of work to do in the next month and a half!!!


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