Bench Update: 1/72 AAT painting step 1

So I’m going to try something new on this one: silver undercoat.  I sprayed on some Bare Metal Silver from a Tamiya rattle can and then put a couple THIN layers of Future over the whole thing, giving it a nice “fresh off the line” look.  As for the initial base coat of yellow, I mixed up some Tamiya flat yellow, Testors Acryl flesh tint base and Testors Acryl Zinc Chromate Yellow (I think that’s what the bottle says anyway…).  Don’t be fooled by the color balance in these pics!  It’s much more drab in person!  While the Future coats were drying I did some paint testing to see how well the yellow would apply and chip off the undercoat.  Turns out it’s pretty fFN brilliant, especially with that shiny undercoat peeking through!  One other test was to see how Micro Mask works on the surfaces.  I was worried that it would pull the acrylic off the Future but it didn’t!  So that means masking and painting will be SHARP!  The last test was with a flat coat on the pre-chipped yellow to seal it.  AWESOME.  That means that I can layer on the different main sections, do some weathering, clear coat it, then do the chipping and additional weathering!  Oh boy!  This’ll be fun.  I’ve got a mix of Mig pigments & washes as well as some Tamiya pigments to throw on her…the dirty girl…


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