Bench Update: Trumpeter 1/72 J-11B Flanker+

This is my first entry into the Scale Model Addict Big Spring Contest.  Well, my first PUBLIC entry.  I have another in the works that I can’t post until next week (you’ll see why).

It’s Trumpeter’s 1/72 J-11B Flanker+, the first in a line of many upcoming Flanker variants from Trumpeter.  First impressions are that this is a PHENOMENAL kit.  It really sets the standard for Flanker kits.  There are plenty of armaments (enough for 2 builds!) and a couple different options for building the Russian or Chinese versions (with the exception of the decals).  To augment this kit’s awesome decals I picked up Dreammodel’s detail set, which came in handy when working on the cockpit and the engine intakes especially.  Rather than do the OOB Chinese version I opted to add to my growing Flanker fleet (now numbering TWO!) by using a more familiar Flanker scheme as well as Begemot’s stencil decals.

The build went really well with the most challenging part being the underside intake flaps (which had to be assembled individually!).  Virtually no putty was necessary and the pieces fit together like Legos. 😀

Here it is:


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