Bench Update: 1/350 Gozanti scribing

Got a lot more done this weekend…this update is long overdue…

Sanded and re-primed the top & bottom hulls, filled in the undercuts on the top hull, added a little more beef to the wings, added some larger paneling to the wings, smoothed and added a bunch of detail to the main engine (now ready for final priming coat), scribed and paneling the whole bottom half, sanded the side engines smooth and added the scribing template to the top half.  Scribing for the top half is going to require a very light touch…the final result should NOT be a look resembling the paneling on many Titanium Series ships.  It should be pretty fine but at the same time deep enough to catch the light just right.  If all goes well, the final coat of primer should clean them up perfectly.  The bottom half is ready for it’s final priming coat, too.



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