Virtual Bench Update: Gozanti Cruiser

YES! This one has been at the edge of my radar for a while now. It’s a design that is well rounded with both PT and OT elements. More recently it was seen in the latest episode of The Clone Wars (Slave of the Republic) and I got the itch. Did a couple hours of work last night and some tonight. My plan is to print it @Shapeways (since they play nice with my Sketchup files) in 2256, 1k, 350 and possibly 144.

@ a 43m length:
4222 = 1.02cm = .4″
2256 = 1.9cm = .75″
1k = 4.3cm = 1.69″
350 = 12.29cm = 4.84″
144 = 29.86cm = 11.75″

No promises. Sure would be cool, though, eh? Cool The larger scales won’t be cost prohibitive, but I’ll have to work up to them 😛 Anyway, here is all the progress:


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