Bench Update: 1/72 E-Wing MkII progress

More work done on the preview!  Thank goodness the kit comes with 3 canopies because this is the least well engineered piece.  My fault, I know…It was my first attempt at engineering a vacu-form canopy.  It’s not perfect but I did pretty well with it.  (Note: the Skiprays will be done better…resin canopy frame with vacu-form window panels :P)  The first attempt I used Micro mask and planned on trimming it prior to priming, etc but when I started trimming it to attach to the fuselage, I fucked up.  So I did another one and opted for a vinyl mask.  Much better result.  The clean up isn’t perfect either…but oh well.

After it was primed I ran a tiny brush with some MiG pigments in the panel lines to do a little pre-shading.  I still haven’t got that method down…the problem mostly lies with my first layer paint application methods.  Anyway, I did a mix of light gray with a little aluminum mixed in…just a touch.  The canopy masks peeled off really nicely and a little thinner cleaned up the gunk pretty well.  The mechanical areas were hit with some Testors metalizer titanium, which looks really nice, too.  More painting and hopefully decals tonight.


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