Long-view Bench Update: 1/72 B-Wing

Why long-view?  Because this one should be further down on the queue once I get through all the others!  Ha!  Let’s see, right now sitting on my bench, beckoning and mocking at the same time: 1/72 Cylon Raider in need of decals and detail paint, 1/72 E-Wing MkII waiting for a canopy (see previous post), 1/2256 Mon Calamari Cruiser in line for another 1200 holes to be drilled into it, a master of say…DESTRUCTIVE intentions (in 1ok if that tells you anything), 10k and 4222 Dreadnaught masters, waiting for a print master to arrive for a kit for Delta Quadrant, a 1k Nebulon B buried somewhere, a 1/144 Tholian Webspinner to gut with a Dremel, repainting and decaling for 16 more 1/350 scale Vipers AND waiting for the Skipray files to get finished up so I can get a back-breaking quote.

Ah but the B-Wing!  The whole purpose of this little excursion.  The kit is shit.  Well, not a complete turd like other kits I’ve seen.  This one is actually a good base to build a phenomenal model out of…that is IF you want to do something more screen-accurate, which I plan to do.  Pros: overall good body shaping, parts breakdown is smart (allowing for lighting and positionable wings), some detail is decent.  Cons: all panel lines need to be filled and rescribed, a lot of raised paneling needs to be sanded down and re-applied, cockpit canopy needs to be redone, rear cockpit tub needs to be a wee bit longer, main wing is slightly wonky (leans a little/off-center)…jeez.  I’ll just share what I do as I do it.  How about that?  Ok.

So as of NOW I’ve cut off the details on the main wing and undersides of the s-foils (that’s strike-foils for you SW laymen) and filled all the panel lines with putty.  I’ve also blue-marked all the paneling that needs to be sanded down to the primary shape.  The existing areas are just way too thick and soft on the edges to be aesthetically pleasing.  Hmmm…what else.  Oh, cleaned out the engine intake in preparation for a battery compartment lid.  I figure a few magnets on the corners of that should be good.  I also plan on putting in “headlights” and a light in the cockpit.  The latter will be QUITE a challenge considering the whole thing has to fucking rotate 360′.

Still undecided about the deco.  It might turn into a Dagger Squadron B-Wing, with the red markings and all.  That means I’ll be designing decals for it, too. 😛


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