Bench Update: Up North Down South

So I got a TON of work done while on vacation!!!!  Not as much as I though I would…but the really important stuff got done.  Firstly, I redesigned my Viper stripes to fit the Sci-Hi kit then built my kit.  It hails from the Battlestar Poseidon, hence the blue markings and “shark teeth”.  This kit is way better than the Black Sun one…sorry.  It just is.  Its more accurate, the engines are more detailed, the cockpit is more detailed, the lines and panels are more accurate, the scribing is cleaner…totally worth that $5 over the Black Sun kit.  Oh, my jewels fit in the engines, too.  A really nice alternative to lighting the little fucker…

I also finished up my 1/144 E-Wing, decals included.  The art is off to print and I’ll be sending the kit out for casting.  It will probably be available around the same time the 1/72 kit is…we’ll see.  Send me an email if you are interested in one.  The details on the smaller kit aren’t as extensive but its essentially the same file that was printed.

And I started on my big batch of Gizmotron 350 Vipers.  They all got the bejeweling treatment for the engines.  They all got magnets for fun times, too.  I’m not a big fan of the base color so I might repaint a handful of them gloss white rather than insignia white.  It’s ok for the blue striped ones though…but since priority now is unpacking and moving into the apt, all modeling projects get put on hold.

Oh, I also finished something special in 1k.  Keep an eye out for it. :D

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