Bench Update: 1/72 Black Sun Viper MkVII

Black Sun Model’s 1/72 scale Viper MkVII!!!  This is a great little kit!  I love it!  Can’t wait for more to come my way…

Here’s my paint scheme, just about in order of application: Mr Surfacer primer, Insignia White base coat, Gunmetal engines, Aluminum cockpit and guns, Dunkel Green pilot, Jet Exhaust pilot details, Steel pilot helmet, Gloss White pilot visor and engines and Smoke tinted canopy.

The decals were a nice piece of design…I’ll be sending the files to JBOT shortly and hopefully he’ll printing them up in time for the next batch of Vipers from the Starship Modeler Store.  I designed them so the back end of the striping wraps around the back edge of the wing.  Also, the dorsal wing decal wraps around with a little help from Micro Sol.  You can see by one of the pictures I was debating between making this a blue or red striped Viper.  The base coat needs to be more blue to work with the blue decals…next time.

Weathering scheme in order of application: MiG rust effects, MiG greasy black effects, flat coat then some detail highlights with silver leafing paint.


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