Bench Update: More Andorian Progress

Here’s a bunch more work on the Andy…this time I sanded some more resin out of the parts that need it: the warp engine blocks (to make room for batteries), the sides of the fore ‘trench’ and the impulse grills (to better illuminate through the resin), and the inside of the engineering block (just to have more room). The bigger deals were the impulse engines and the switch. For the latter I just cut a little section out of the rear ‘trench’ part and the switch fits perfectly! The impulse engines were a bit more of a struggle…I had to cut them in half in order to properly drill down the ‘tube’ of each. I figured I’ll need some some clear dome pieces to replace the parts that were sanded off. One LED per ‘tube’ should give the proper effect. The other part is the little mechanical access areas on the impulse housings. Looking at Drexler’s files you can see a few little points of light…but rather than try and light them with an LED, I just drilled straight through and put a piece of fiber in. They won’t be lit ALL the time but it will still be a nice effect…


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