Bench Update: Anigrand Slave I pt.I

Oh, man, Anigrand does some nice work!  This one has just been itching to get done (and still is!).  The casting is solid, the details are amazing, the functionality is wonderous…There were just a few more tweaks that I wanted to add before getting into the final stages.  The rear engine section has a TON of greeblies glued in, from PE grills and bands to some extra wires and piping.  And MAGNETS!  I wanted to do something cool with regards to display so I mounted 3 magnets into the rear so it can attach to surfaces and objects.  Luckily the resin isn’t so heavy that it slides down the refrigerator.

The paint scheme had to be different with this one.  Star Wars: Galaxies has some really interesting patterns on it but none that I want to recreate.  I’m still not sure which way to go with them, pirate/merc or something of an “official” pattern.  The armament is pretty standard, with the exception of a large ion cannon on the starboard side and a sensor/communications dish to the port.  It also has a crew of 4, which could be pilot, gunner, navigator and communications stations, leading me to make this more of an “official” peacekeeper/patrol type craft.  Anyway, I’ve traced the hull curvature and transcribed them into a template to make decals that will fit.  If so desired, wallpaper decals could be made for it.  At this point just some big patches or stripes of color might be just right, with an emblem or two…we’ll see.



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