Bench Update: 1400 Nova upgrade

I while back I obtained an older cast of Starcraft’s 1/1400 Nova-class.  It was badly painted and just a little beat up.  Not only was the paint chipping off all over the place, it was totally the wrong color scheme!  Thus I began my first rehab project.  Cleaning the thing was a bit more of a breeze than I thought it would be.  Some careful scraping here, a little brush with thinner there and viola!  A mostly clean ship…well, clean enough anyway.

During my search for reference pics I came across the pics of a revamped Nova-class seen in Star Trek Online.  Friggin cool.  I just watched the episodes of Voyager that featured the Equinox and really wanted to do something a little more than a straight build and battle damage didn’t seem like enough.

So for this rehab project I cut off all the phaser banks, lifeboats and sensor strips and filled in all the windows.  I then added a few thruster greeblies here and there and a couple of torp launchers for the heck of it.  THEN I replaced those old phaser banks with Cheetah Productions Phaser strips (available at the SSM store).  They are REALLY detailed compared to the original sculpt and fit like a glove.  Most of the smaller ones had to be trimmed down but they take to that like a fish to water.

No windows then if they were all filled in??  Wrong!  Based on the images from the STO website, I redrilled some windows in some of the same spots as the old ones.  Now they are all circular ports.  No raised lifeboat detail??  Correct!  I will instead be using JT Graphics 1400 scale triangular lifeboats.  As for the base coat, I’ve updated the standard light ghost gray in favor of a more metallic look.  This upgrade will feature a nice blend of the original base with a bit of aluminum and steel mixed in.

Pretty soon this thing will be done and be the toast of the town!  At least until the inter-spatial anti-matter aliens show up…


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