Bench Update: 1/2256 Dreadnought

I’ve been steadily working on Hackcore’s Dreadnought while working on the Refit.  At this stage I’ve finally figured out the circuit pattern for the windows and engines and built up the engine block.  The more time I spend with this in my hands the more I like it.  It’s been one of my favorite ships for a long time and it is in a way an underdog.  Also, the more time I look at it the more ideas I have for updating it!  The real trick is creating a seamless integration between the old and the new.  It shouldn’t look like an ad hoc ‘ugly’ kind of vessel; rather, it should be a ‘factory’ upgrade.  I have a handful of Tamiya thrusters, rectangular and bell-shaped, that will be strategically placed as well as some leftover F-Toys X-wing landing gear.  And of course, you’ve seen the hangar bay in an earlier post…

As far as ordering the build process I’ve gutted it then drilled out all the windows.  All the electronics and fiber are going to be placed before it gets a coat of paint.  Trimming the fibers will most likely be the last thing that happens.  The engine block has been a rewarding thing to work on.  Once I figured out that I wanted to use 2 batteries it all came together.  Gutting the real main thrusters was kind of a pain because the dremel bit kept jamming (not smart to hold the piece with your fingers while working).  That process made the resin thin enough to get a nice red glow, although it looks more orange in the photos.

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