Bench Update: Days 4 and 5 (ish)

So I’ve had a few more hours to decal whilst rendering video for a project.  There were some sizing and fitting issues, as to be expected, but overall I really like what PL has done.  The bridge striping was really tricky because of the overlap.  I trimmed a bit off but it ended up being about 1mm too much.  If you come to it, only trim about 1mm from the front of the decal.  That should be just about right.  I also had to trim off the nubs on the RCS thrusters fir the decal to site properly.  The phaser banks had the same issues but I didnt do anything to fix that.  Hopefull the clear coat will make them site a little better.  I suppose a drop of paint on top of the decal wouldn’t hurt if the nubs were trimmed down…but oh well…next build.  Anyway, here it is!  All that is left to be done is a coating or two of semi-gloss!


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