Bench Update: Hackcore Dreadnought

I’ve also been working on Hackcore Drive Yards Dreadnought kit, which is a great kit.  I’ve gutted it out already (see previous post) and have begun some of the minor assembly.  To beef this piece up I’ve added extra panel lines across the whole hull, drilled out a bunch of windows and am lighting it.  Furthermore, I’ve spent a fair amount of energy working on 2 important features: the battery door and hangar bay.  The battery door is a magnet-clasp mechanism built into the ‘hangar deck’ piece of resin.  The battery clip is glued into it so when it needs replacing, just pull the piece off.  Right behind that I made a hole where an internal hangar bay similar to a Star Destroyer’s.  It was made of some cannibalized parts from some battleship models and bits and pieces of plastic found in the junk drawer.  It will be lit, too…  I’m really getting excited with this one and plan on taking my time.  There will also be some upgrades to this kit such as a control tower or 2, visible cannons and turrets, thruster ports, landing gear and extra armor plating.  This will be a battleship in the fullest sense.  The thing I really want to do is use 6 red LEDs for the engines and maybe another 4 white for the windows and a few 1.5mm white for the hangar bay.  The trick is figuring out a circuit that will run all of those on a single battery.  All that needs to be done is the resistor calculations…Enough preamble:

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