One of Two Voyagers (plus Maquis!)

And back for more!  I’ve been working on the smaller of the two Voyagers pretty steadily in the wee hours of the morning and so far I’m pretty happy with it.  I managed to fill and sand the major seams (there were some hefty ones!!) and then hit it with a nice even coat of light ghost gray.  Once that was dry I did the paneling/shading effects with a mixture of dark and light ghost gray (heavier on the dark).  From there I applied a mixture of burnt umber and jet exhaust to the phaser banks.  They are a little darker than standard but they do sparkle slightly, which I like.  The supplemental decal set for this kit doesn’t have the right color for those little squares by the bridge and aerowing so I painted those….The nacelles were also painted rather than decals.  That might change however…

I also decided to get into another part of the 3-piece set with the 1/1400 Maquis Raider.  It’s definitely not my favorite ship design to come out of Star Trek but I figured I could make a version with interesting paneling and markings.  There are a whole bunch of decal scraps in my bin to choose from.  Anyway, enough preamble.  Here is the progress so far:

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