1/350 Radiant VII pt17

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Now for the fun part! I started adding dry transfers from Verlinden’s white aircraft stenciling as well as a few smaller yellow markings in decal form (and the Republic spoke emblem). While it can get a little tricky to apply the transfers (cut-off toothpick works best) the effect is really stunning. I LOVE dry transfers….

While I was finishing up the Flurry and preshading the Dora, I thought I might get a start on the weathering. All of the scorch marking, etc are from a fine-grade airbrush nozzle. Really coming along nicely and it’ll be great once I get to the pastels and rusts and atmosphere streaking!!! The craft has seem some duty for sure…maybe I’ll call it the Radiant IX. :D

SMA BSC #3: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 “Red Baron″ pt2

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Pre-shading with gloss black!

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt9

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Working on some little fiddly bits. On the studio model there is a gap between the bell and rim on the engine nozzles so I separated them. I’ll use some strip styrene on the inside to lock them back in place. ALSO…my 3D prints for the conning tower came in! WOW this thing came out nice. (I also had a 10k scale printed for the long-benched master) The turret bays are still on the way and the face/head parts are needing some small fix-its before printing. So now my dilemma is this: do I use these printed parts for the build or do I clean them up and have molds made and parts cast for this build within the next month? I give it at least another 2 weeks until all the parts are in my hands. The prints are relatively cheap so I could just print another set for a master…thoughts?

1/350 Radiant VII pt16

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More filters/paneling. This round was a mix of red, white and water for a thinned, pale effect. I think this will do it for now….next up will be the decals and dry transfers before the heavy weathering phase begins.


1/350 Radiant VII pt15

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More panel filtering. This time I used 2 colors, the first a more subdued orange than the first round and the second with a more pale brick red tone. The variations are building nicely….

1/2256 Flurry Carrier pt5

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Continuing on with breaking project hiatuses (hiatii?)….here’s the Flurry! I started detail painting and panel filtering. The engines got a decent darker gray treatment. I had a dream last night I used Tamiya smoke through an airbrush for some weathering….so maybe that’ll happen soon. A few more details to add and the decal to put down but she’s close to done. Hopefully by the end of the week before we go on vacation….

SMA BSC #3: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 “Red Baron″ pt1

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While the rivets were drying on my first Dora, I opened up another one to see how quick an out of box build could be!! She’s got her gear down, which is a rarity for my builds. She built up REALLY quickly and I think it took maybe a half an hour to do the rivets (using the HGW placement guide). I did have to add a wire antenna and the leftover seatbelts from the first Dora’s PE set…close enough to OOB. I’ll be painting her as the “Red Ace” winter scheme seen in the Blazing Angels video game…

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt9

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SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt8

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I decided to hack away at the engine block, too. All the major and minor details were scraped down for the eventual rebuilding process…

ALSO started planning the display base. Obviously it won’t sit that tall, but it’s a start.

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt8

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Finally got around to adding all the other little bits and pieces, as well as mounting the canopy parts. I guess I measured the length of wire pretty exactly because it ended up being perfectly taught when the canopy went down.

The next big step is applying the HGW rivets and such. This is a long haul multi-step process so I figured I’d start with the easier fabric covered surfaces. They came out nice but the differences between the Eduard and Tamiya Dora’s becomes a bit more clear…some of the HGW parts had to be trimmed to fit. Overall they didn’t go down too bad but some little pieces came up when the backing paper was removed.

And for the heck of it I put on the elevator rivets and let them dry overnight to see if the longer dry time made a difference (it didn’t!). So I can do rivets and leave them for a bit with confidence. These are going to be a nice subtle look. A touch of light sanding after painting will really make these pop just so.

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt7

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To continue work on the build I dug out some extra laser etched pieces for the ventral armor plating. It was cut on some stock that’s a little thicker than ideal but I don’t mind the look (see more below).

I also found some strips for the side walls. I remember designing them with a slightly larger piece so that the slope would be accommodated. (I also finished scribing the superstructure pieces)

The lower hull got it’s turn under the scriber, too. Surprisingly it only took about an hour!! Well, at least for the first round….I went at it first by doing all the horizontals for each side, then the verticals, then the diagonals.

Figured while I was at it with the lower hull I’d start adding some of the other larger details. I fit the outer piece of the hangar but it needed a little reinforcement in the form of some very thin styrene. Anyway, I think the scribing turned out nicely. After the parts were added I sanded the lines down just to clean them up and then scrubbed the lines out with a short-bristled brush.

Oh, and check out this bad ass stand Laser Fire Creations made for me.

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt7

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Finished up the pilot!

THEN it was the long process of getting the seatbelts finished up and strapped down. Man these HGW belts are a nice touch. They stretch nicely over the shoulders and around the wait.

And then the last touches in the cockpit before I close it up: a handle on the inside of the canopy, the instrument panel shroud and a nice little PE gunsight.

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt6

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A little scribing update.

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt6

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Next step in getting the office ready to close up is getting the pilot to fit properly. While the detail is really nice on the PJ pilot I had to shave a bunch of it down to get him to fit. Turns out the left arm is sculpted to hang over the edge with an open canopy! Luckily there was a spare arm in the parts bin. I also did a little more research into “Red 3″ and found this page: http://asisbiz.com/il2/Fw-190D/Fw-190D-JV44-Red-3-Wubke.html. A nice little bit of history to think about during the build. Anyway, the pilot sits nicely now.

While the pilot is in the process of being painted I figured this was good time to start with the canopy. I recently picked up some Tamiya polishing compound and really wanted a chance to use it. However, instead of going through the 3-step process of course, fine and finish, I went straight for the finishing compound mix because there were no scratches on the canopy parts to begin with (and they were pretty crystal clear…). A little buff and polish doesn’t hurt. I didn’t future coat it yet either…instead I’ll wait until after the flat coat. I think I will have to future the inside though so the super glue doesn’t fog it up.

And 2 other big steps: putting a little more putty in the seams…which weren’t terrible but I wanted to make them better and adding the brass barrels and pitot. They really make a difference with the final look. I did mount the barrels a little further out than they’re meant to be but it’s because I want to show them off just a little bit.

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt5

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A lot of sanding and a lot of decals really takes a lot out of you….but on the plus side I picked up a new Testors scribing pen and it makes a big difference compared to the Hasegawa tool!!

1/1000 Imperial Shuttles DONE

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Painted prints from Shapeways


Bad-Azz 1/9600 Battlestar Galactica DONE

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Utar Ships 1/4222 Imperial Escort Carrier DONE

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A fun quick build!!



Cosmos Models 1/1000 Fury-class Starfighters DONE

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small gallery here:


these are also still available @ $10 per 2-pack!!

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt5

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Another big weekend update! Oh where to begin…how about the office? Eduard’s set is pretty nice because it’s the whole tub in photo etch. Thick and sturdy pieces for sure and they fold perfectly. The dashboard and horizontal side panels are really nice, too. I used the famed Glue Looper to drop very small amounts of super glue to hold them in place. Once they were secure I dripped some Micro Clear Gloss onto each dial to mimic a glass covering. Surprisingly, Tamiya’s instructions to use XF-63 were really close to Eduard’s color, but just a shade too light and a hue too warm, but close enough since most of the tub will be in shadow. Even all the little handles and dials are a nice touch with this PE set. To get the whole tub secured into the fuselage half I added a couple little strips of styrene.

Once the tub was in place, it was time to join up the halves. I figured that I would leave out the chair and pilot until later. Same with the instrument panel hood, etc. There are a few seams that need a little TLC, especially along the bottom side of the tail. A dab of putty (or glue) and some sanding should do the trick.

I did build the PE for the chair though. It’s a nice bit of detail for the pit. The track for the canopy opening mechanism was a little tricky to bend what with it being so long…and it’s a detail you can’t see once the canopy goes on. But I know it’s there…

AND…the wings attached. THESE were a bit more tricky. A little sanding and scraping was needed to get the port side wing root to sit flush but alas there will be a little putty needed on both sides.

And the PJ Productions pilot is damn nice.


SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt4

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Turret CAD work. :D

Consular Cruiser and Gunships scheme

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New schemes from Season 6!!

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt4

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Sanding….sanding….more sanding to come….

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt3

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More slow progress on shaving the parts down. All the superstructure walls were completely shaved down to the bare surfaces. There were a handful of “ledges” that needed to be cut down. I still need to sand them down a bit, putty, and sand once more before they are ready for the decals. I also decided to go ahead and try doing the bridge as a 3D print as opposed to getting the Arvey resin set (as I have yet to hear back from Jon). I might also decide to do the turrets and bays in 3D because even if I could scratch build the little turrets, there’s no way I could make 8 identical ones.

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt2

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Slow start. But it’s a slow BIG step. I shaved down the raised grid work on both the main hull pieces now. Some spot-applied putty was needed because there were some divots and other oddities. It’ll be best to have a smooth of a surface as possible to add the panel lines and other details. The hangar material was also removed to make way for the new pieces.

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt3

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Big updated tonight representing about 2 hours of work put into it this morning.

Trimmed up the cockpit areas on the fuselage in preparation for the photo etch
Drilled and shaped openings for casing chutes, intake and lift points
Sanded and fit landing gear doors, added tires
Filled and puttied open areas on landing gear areas
Joined wings
Opened barrel mounts
Primed/Etched PE
Cowling assembly
Added aerial and vertical antenna lines
Dry fit wings to fuselage and learned about a gap that needed filling

SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt1

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My second entry for the Big Spring Contest: a super-detailed Ertl Star Destroyer! So far I have my domes and scribing guide as well as some new parts from Odyssey Slipways to try out. The hangar replacements and engine nozzles look incredible. This build will of course be LIT with LEDs and fiber optics much the same as my Errant Venture build from a couple years back. At this point in the build I’ve just begun shaving/sanding the hull pieces in preparation for the scribing. I’m still on the fence with how to go about the bridge, whether or not to pick up Arvey’s parts, 3D print a new bridge set or just scratch build it….I’m leaning towards #2 believe it or not. It could very well turn into a Cosmos Models product if it’s successful…

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt2

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Just getting geared up for this one. I totally cleaned my bench and setup a WIP “photo booth” for the time being. John Simmons recently shared his workspace in a vid and I noticed a little area on the side devoted to photos. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury of space so I cleared off some of the stuff on my desk shelf and rigged up a backdrop. The desk lamp should be good enough for WIP shots. I also went through the parts and filtered out all the components that usually come with the A-variant sprues and some of the ones from the D-9 kit that will be ditched. The last pic is where I plan on opening up some spots: the shell chutes and the supercharger intake.

1/2256 + 1/4222 Utar Flotilla pt3 DONE

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Lotsa little ships all wrapped up, too!!

1/4222 http://cosmosmodels.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/14222-utar-ships-flotilla/

1/2256 http://cosmosmodels.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/12256-utar-ships-corellian-dp-20-gunships-and-assassin-corvettes/

1/4222 JPG Imperial Venator Cruiser pt4 DONE!

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Finally all wrapped up!!! Feels good to clear the bench by FINISHING stuff!


SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt1

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Scale Model Addict’s Big Spring Contest has begun!!!

Here’s my first entry: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″

This will be a FULL MEAL DEAL build, meaning every and all manner of aftermarket will be used. Parts list:

1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9
decals from both Eduard and Tamiya JV44 kits
HGW FULL rivet set (inbound…control surface set pictured)
Master turned brass gun barrels and pitot
PJ Productions resin Luftwaffe pilot
HGW fabric seatbelt
Eduard interior and exterior photo-etch sets
Eduard canopy mask
Quickboose resin exhaust nozzles
Polar Lights dome base

1/144 Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker #2 pt2 DONE

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Finished up #2! I really like these little kits. :D

Full gallery here: http://cosmosmodels.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/1144-trumpeter-su-27-flanker/


Star Wars GIFS

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Been collecting these for a bit…

1/72 Fine Molds TIE Interceptor 181st DONE!

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1/72 Fine Molds TIE Interceptor 181st

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Started @ 8am this morning and finished @ 8pm!! Finished link in next post :P

1/144 Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker #2 pt1

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Figured I’d do another quick little Flanker! The assembly happened pretty much in a single impulse one night a few backs. This one will be wheels down and canopy up, so I have to figure out how to cleanly cut it so the windscreen is separate. As far as the scheme goes, I’m becoming more attracted to the black primer undercoat instead of pre-shading. There’s definitely less paint buildup and the post-shading process is really kind of fun. I still have to do some of that on this guy…anyway. The scheme. I had some leftover light gray (from the previous two posts) and did the pattern freehand. Kind of harkens back to some WWII Eastern Front schemes. We’ll see how she shapes up but so far so good

1/2256 Flurry Carrier pt4

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Testor’s Light Gray basecoat! What a day!

1/4222 JPG Imperial Venator Cruiser pt3

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Base coat of Testors light gray down!

1/350 Radiant VII pt14

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Decal questions:

I was going though my decal bins to add all those little markings and came across some other things and have some questions for y’all:

1) Nose art? I found this sheet from Hungry Lizard and there are a couple of ladies in red that might be neat.

2) Republic emblem? Possibly on the sides of the cockpit? Like this image:


3) White transfers. Kinda glad I found these…they’re 1/72 but might be perfect for 1/350 since they’re not legible anyhow. Plus there are all these white dashed rectangles that might back useful walkway stencils or something.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons skins

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For those who haven’t played it much yet…this is what’s revealed skin-wise after reaching level 5 exp.

1/350 Radiant VII pt13

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Detail painting under way. I did revisit the chipping effect with a stubby brush. It tones it down well enough and I think the final looks will be pretty spot on. There are still a number of smaller areas to add patches or spots of color before the full weathering phase begins.

Cosmos Models 1/1000 Interceptor-class Frigate MASTER WIP

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Thanks to Tom Saltysiak for the initial mesh. I tweaked it a touch and rescaled it so hopefully this will be one of a few 1/1000 ships debuting at Wonderfest this year for me. It will have decals for both the Zann Consortium and Black Sun.

1/350 Radiant VII pt12: the white stripes

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Huzzah! Masking removed. I am VERY pleased with how it came out. Sure, there are some touch ups needed (note to self: don’t use standard masking tape for large areas), but overall it’s nice and clean. The vaseline chipping technique worked pretty well for my first attempt with the method. Every experiment is a learning experience! Now on to the detail painting!

1/2256 + 1/4222 Utar Flotilla pt2

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The first coat of primer didn’t stick to well. But it was a happy accident because the Corellian ships look much better in an off-white coloration. So instead of repainting them I dipped them in tinted Future to get a nice weathered white look. I’ll finish them up with a variety of decals. As for the Lancers and Tartans, a second coat of primer was required but the actual final colors are a bit more of an experiment. As with the Corellian ships, these will get a healthy dose of tiny-ass decals.

1/350 Radiant VII pt11

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Masking and chipping complete! It took a few sessions of an hour or two each to get every little nook and cranny masked. But now she’s ready for the very careful application of flat white. The chipping method was done by using a toothpick to dab vaseline onto the areas that will be “chipped”. First time trying this method but I think it will work much better than the MicroMask (which pulls paint off).

Cosmos Models 1/2256 Tartan Cruiser pt4 DONE

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I had some issues with painting not sticking well SOOOO I figured I would try something a little different. Last week I watched Firefly and Serenity so had a tickle to make a Reaver ship and this seemed like the perfect test-bed for it! So I added a bunch of junk and repainted it in a splotchy way.

The full gallery can be seen HERE

But here are a few select images:

New EGVV Manufacturers

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Eduard 1/48 Spitfire MkIX pt7 DONE

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Just finished her up! Full gallery is at Cosmos. But here are a few select…

Eduard 1/48 Spitfire MkIX pt6

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Decals process underway! The whole bird got a nice coat of Future before and decal application. Here are some shots with all the roundels and designation data. At this point (not pictured) all the stencils have been applied and the pre-weathering flat coat is down.

1/2256 Flurry Carrier pt3

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Stand system devised and primed! It took a couple of tries to get the proper angle for the acrylic rods but I think the final result is a nice balance that shows off most of the kit’s details.


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