1/48 Bad-Azz Advanced Cylon Raider pt5

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Finished up the metal look. Last steps are bending the acrylic rods and assembling/painting the base.

MC-75 WIP pt1

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Hey ho. I’ve had Calamari on the noggin…the MC-30 was fun and I know as much as we’d like to see an MC-80 in 1/4222, I’ve started working on a design of my own. Parts of it are informed by the MC-80 but some of it also comes from the Cruiser in the Battlefront games, which doesn’t have a designation.

This is basically the rough sketch done up over a couple hours off and on. There are a bunch more little bumps and knobs to add, maybe a couple large bulges here and there. Definitely will add large turrets on either side of the hangars. I’ll probably add a couple small hangars on the belly.

I’m mainly posting this to get some feedback from you guys while I’m still working on the shaping of it. Think of this as kind of a democratic process because I imagine Dac’s shipyards have an organic way of designing. :D

Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt4

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I’m into the more slowly paced detailing section now…

Finished up the office and ejection seat. 

Added the air scoops, gun pod and detailed the wheel bays a bit more.

Lastly, primed and washed the gear doors and painted the airbrakes. I’m also going to paint the interior of the canopy parts so I polished them with Tamiya’s Finishing polishing compound (they’re really clear and crisp now!) and masked the inside and outside.

Landing gear is next!

1/48 Bad-Azz Advanced Cylon Raider pt4

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It turns out that not sealing the True Metals shortly after application causes it to loose it’s luster. This time around I dabbed some dark aluminum over the entire body of the Raider and polished it up. Once it was dry I sealed it with Tamiya clear coat, which causes it to loose some of the reflectivity as well. It also blended the tone variations a little more so I started going back with the brighter aluminum on the lighter panels. Just as a test, I only applied it to the wing tips, polished (waited 10 minutes or so) then sealed with Future. As it turns out, the Future retains the glossy effect and DOES NOT interact with the wax as the Tamiya clear does so it retains it’s luster.

1/48 and 1/72 Splinter Scheme Wallpaper Decals for sale

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Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.02.56 PM

Wallpaper decals! This splinter scheme is based on the Czech MiG-21’s but is meant to be used with 1/72 and 1/48 scale X-Wings!! Well, not specifically designed for them, but my intention is to use them on an upcoming 1/48 Stealth X build using the parts designed and sold by Lonnie Sweet. They’re more or less based on the pattern seen on the X-Wing images featured in the Star Wars: Essential Guide to Warfare.

One page should be enough to cover the whole X-Wing in both 1/48 and 1/72 (with extra). I might work up a non-decal tracing template sometime soon but for now it’s up to the builder to cut. Since they have no specified location placement shouldn’t be an issue.

original9rI can also do custom orders of any color of standard X-Wing striping if you want to mix in something different than what any kit provides (as some of you already have).

Pricing is across the board $20 for each sheet. US shipping is included, international add $3.

Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt3

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This build is really starting to look like a Fishbed now! A little bit of detail work was done before joining the lower wing piece to the fuselage. The wheel bays received a few pieces of photo etch and some canisters, etc were added to the wings. I decided to try something with the landing lights since there was no kit detail to place behind them. I placed some jewels behind and secured them with Micro Gloss and once that dried I dropped some white glue…then when that dried I painted some silver on it. The end result is a light with a reflecting dish behind it.

48mig21mf_IMG_8744  48mig21mf_IMG_875748mig21mf_IMG_8750

One problem with the wing attachment is the seams…not so great. Some filling and sanding should take care of it. I also took some time to spray some parts with primer.

48mig21mf_IMG_8753 48mig21mf_IMG_8754 48mig21mf_IMG_8756 48mig21mf_IMG_8758 48mig21mf_IMG_8759 48mig21mf_IMG_8760

It turns out that a little bit of MiG neutral wash inside the wheel bays gives it the perfect color I’m going for! I still need to pick out the cable color details and add some photo etch pieces, but the wheel bays are essentially done!

48mig21mf_IMG_8764 48mig21mf_IMG_8766 48mig21mf_IMG_8767 48mig21mf_IMG_8768 48mig21mf_IMG_8770 48mig21mf_IMG_8771

And last but not least, with the wing tops attached. Next up, scoops, fins, nose work and more!


1/48 Bad-Azz Advanced Cylon Raider pt3

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So it’s been a few days since I applied the finish…and word of caution to anyone who uses it, SEAL IT SOONER rather than later. Some of the luster was lost to the air. I’m going to have to reapply small amounts and re-buff….

IN THE MEANTIME: I got my laser cut parts from Matt @ LaserFire! I also lucked out and found the perfect sized circular base to mount the mirror to! I still have to trim the dried glue but it looks the part.

ACR_IMG_8743 ACR_IMG_8772 ACR_IMG_8773

Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt2

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Slow but steady! The next step was getting all the cockpit pieces together before closing up the fuselage. I used Tamiya X-14 and X-15 in a ratio of 3:1 (I think) to match the color of the photo etch. It looks really close in these pics but in person there is a slightly more green tint. I also picked out some of the control details with black, silver and red on a toothpick. To finish it up some dry brushing and a light wash were applied.

48mig21mf_IMG_8718 48mig21mf_IMG_8742 48mig21mf_IMG_8740
48mig21mf_IMG_8704 48mig21mf_IMG_8720 48mig21mf_IMG_8719

This MF’s really starting to shape up now that the innards are done for the most part. The seam clean up will be minimal; the spine and dorsal fin fit like a glove. The ventral fin and chin seam will need a little cleanup.

48mig21mf_IMG_8721 48mig21mf_IMG_8723 48mig21mf_IMG_8727

1/48 Bad-Azz Advanced Cylon Raider pt2

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Well the first round of True Metal wax is going really well! I started with aluminum and it really shines. Dark aluminum really isn’t that different in tone…and then gun metal is only slightly darker. In order to get that wider variety of tones, I added some AK pigments (smoke) to darken it. A little bit of spirits helps to smooth out the wax and make it easier to apply with a brush. I still have to do the bottom, and I think I’ll add some details with Tamiya’s gunmetal. Anyway, coming along nicely…

Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt1

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My airplane itch flared up an I boiled a few choices down to this bird. I’ve been wanted to build a Fishbed for some time now and this particular boxing (Egyptian AF markings) seemed as good place to start as any. This is a Full Meal Deal build, meaning all manner of aftermarket parts will be used during construction. One thing that’s nice about this build so far is that right now there are a lot of little steps here and there I can complete. That way it doesn’t really intrude on my other temporal considerations! Little things like spraying the photo etch with a primer, trimming the pour stubs off the resin parts and completing the most minor assemblies are all easy enough in small doses. A process like this not only forces me to take time with my decisions, but also allows for a bit of therapeutic time since each step feels like I got something done.


Onto the build! I mentioned aftermarket parts…so here they are:

Eduard Brassin Wheel Bays
Eduard Brassin Wheels
Eduard Surface Panel PE
Eduard Exterior PE
Eduard Airbrakes
Master Pitot
Dreammodel Pilot (though I probably won’t use him)
Quickboost air scoops
Quickboost gun pod

Step 1: In order to make sense of all the material going into this, I compared all the various bits of instruction sheets and cross-references the steps. Taking notes on where PE and resin parts replace kit parts saves a bit of time and helps the planning process.

48mig21mf_IMG_8684 48mig21mf_IMG_8686 48mig21mf_IMG_8688

Step 2: Riveting! I love riveting. The kit has a small amount of subtle rivets but I love em. So I added more based on some orthos I’ve had in my files.

48mig21mf_IMG_8687 48mig21mf_IMG_8693 48mig21mf_IMG_8695
Step 3: Since the airbrakes are going to be displayed in the open position the recessed areas had to be cut out and added. I guess I didn’t too quite as clean of a job as I should have because there were some gaps. It’s not too much of a concern since they’ll be in shadow on the belly. Just in case, I did add some putty to fill in the gaps and secure the parts a little better.

Step 4: Minor assemblies. The missiles and the drop tanks are going to be prepared separately so I built them up first, along with the ventral fin. They’ll be easy enough to add on right at the end (save for the fin). All the parts that get sealed up inside the fuselage have to be prepped first so I also added some weights to the nose cone (in the form of some small screws and a nut) and also trimmed up the resin parts (wheel bay prep not shown).

48mig21mf_IMG_8696 48mig21mf_IMG_8702 48mig21mf_IMG_8703
Step 5: Prepping the fuselage. The instructions call for some parts of the interior to be painted aluminum, so I used my Krylon Silver Leafing pen. It’s a bit on the bright side but since those areas are mostly illegible when it’s buttoned up it doesn’t really matter. Looks cool now though. I also placed the forward wheel bay (just glued to one half).

48mig21mf_IMG_8697 48mig21mf_IMG_8700 48mig21mf_IMG_8701
Step 6: The Burner! Similar situation here with the painting and details. Yes, I added all the photo etch parts to the deep since it’s just barely visible if you peek down the tube. Beyond that, I figured I’d use my new AK True Metals rub-n-buff wax! It really is a great product and I can’t wait to use it more. I dipped a cotton swap into a little bit of the wax and spread it liberally on the nozzle feathers, wiping off the excess with a clean swap. After about 15 minutes it had dried to the point where I could buff it with another swab and boy, it sure shines up nice!!

That’s about all for now. The next steps will be assembling the cockpit and sealing up the fuselage! Stay tuned!

1/350 Gozanti Cruiser DONE

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I guess I forgot to post this!


1/48 Bad-Azz Advanced Cylon Raider pt1

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Finally got this bad boy in the mail after waiting a little over 2 months!! (shipped from Poland). It was totally worth the wait. This is a really well detailed and engineered kit. The parts fit pretty much perfectly and ALL the detail was nice and crisp. A few under surface bubbles appeared on the trailing edges of the ‘wings’ and ‘head’ but otherwise good casting.

A couple of construction notes, though:
1.The BIG task was rescribing all the panel lines. A few of them were OK but many were way too shallow and eligible.
2. The joint for the wings wasn’t completely square so I added a couple of steel bar supports
3. The left wing was a little warped, or flattened rather, so heat from a desk lamp was applied and the wing was bent upwards to shape
4. My kit came with 2 left engines (they are engineered to fit at an outward canted angle) so some trimming was needed to get the odd one in line
5. I replaced the main barrels with brass rod and carefully drilled out the rest of the length of the cannons so brass runs down the entire assembly

Before the black primer went down, I did scrub the parts really well. However, it must not have been enough because the primer still mottled slightly. Turns out that’s OK because the actual appearance of the Raider has a mottled look!

Moving on to the next steps, I have a 5.25″ circular mirror base that I will be placing laser cut green pentagrams onto, courtest of Matt from LaserFire Creations. I won’t be drilling into the mirror OR the kit for mounting. Instead I’ll place the mirror on a wooden base (maybe pentagram shaped?) and a clear acrylic support rod, bent to fit the underside.

PAINTING wise, I won’t really be using much paint, save for some detail work. The bulk of the metallic look will come from AK Interactive’s new True Metal rub-n-buff/wax material. I picked up four shades and this Raider is the perfect test bed for all of them. Stay tuned for more!

1/1000 Gizmotron KBoP Done!

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1/2256 Utar Ships CR-70 and CR-90 Corvettes DONE!

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1/4222 Utar Ships MC-30 Frigates DONE!

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More Utar Ships again!

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Flat white on the Corvettes, Camo gray, custom rust tone mix

and gunmetal on the Frigates.

1/1000 Gizmotron Klingon Bird of Prey pt2

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More airbrush time results. It’s amazing how much of a difference 10 minutes of painting can show. Other details are from patient brushwork. Some of the red feathers got 2 coats to create variance.

1/350 Gozanti Cruiser pt3

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Same base coat of light ghost gray pretty much sprayed on everything. The TIE’s wings and Gozanti’s windows were added with a ball point pen. Also sat quietly and brushed some of the metal areas.

1/200 SA-43 Hammerhead COMMISSION pt2

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Was pretty sick past couple of days but managed to fire up the airbrush for short period of time. Base coat down and asteroid base finished. Slowly but surely.

1/200 SA-43 Hammerhead COMMISSION

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I was approached to do a small diorama featuring the SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter from Space: Above and Beyond. Since the client asked for it in 1/200, I figured it’d be easy enough to just use a 3D print and now worry about doing a production of Hammerheads in this scale. There was a small issue printing from Shapeways but it was easy enough to correct with some styrene and some putty. (However, I now have plans for 1/350, 1/144 and possibly a new 1/72 kit in the future…) This commission will have the fighter flying over an asteroid styled base.

1/350 Gozanti Cruiser pt2

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Started this one WAY back in June and figured I’d add some more ships to make it a little dio. Now there is a small escort flight of TIE Fighters.

1/1000 Gizmotron Klingon Bird of Prey

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This is my second build of this ship in this scale. ST:III, ST:IV and ST:VI have all been on television in the past few weeks and I forgot how much I appreciated this ship when I was a kid. It’s a good design and a good platform for experimenting with panel filters, washes and other weathering techniques.

The buildup was SUPER straight forward. The only two things that I did differently with this build were 1) adding some magnets to the inside of the belly piece for a support rod, thus eliminating the need for a drill-hole for support and 2) replacing the resin cannon barrels with brass tubes and hypodermic needle tips. Very careful drilling was needed for the latter but I think they came out just right.

One other thing that this kit needed was a set of decals to replicate the line pattern that is featured on the front of the hinges. So I sourced up some images from the studio model and made my own decal for the hinge front. :D

She’s all primed up in black and waiting for the first base layer of green zinc chromate and then we’ll work up from there!

More Utar Ships

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Quick a clean build process. As I’ve stated before, the itch strikes hard and I just need to get to something. No so much build time with these but just getting something into the paint prep stage feels like a triumph. In this small batch there are 2x MC-30 Frigates in 1/4222, and a CR-70 (EpIII Tantive IV) and a CR-90 (EpIV Tantive IV) in 1/2256.

1/2500 Star Trek Cadets DONE!

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All wrapped up!





Commission: 1/7200 Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer

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I was itching to get some real progress done on some of the commission work on my bench so I started with this one. It’s the Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer first seen in the background in the Dark Empire comic series. (See here and here). My client asked for it in 12″ scale, but since this build will utilize parts I pre-fabricated for a different project, it will end up being closer to 13″ or 14″. The math works out to be somewhere around 1/7200. I’ll also be designing a blueprint-style laser cut plaque for the base. Detail wise, the majority of the plans are derived from FractalSponge’s rendering (see here). Some details, such as the domes, conning tower, turbo-laser turrets and ion cannons will be 3D printed. 


Onto the parts! I printed off the orthographic images in scale with the parts and began trimming and assembling. Many of the super-structure and raised surface panels are similar to standard ISDs so minimal re-cutting/shaping was necessary to fit the build. I started numbering them in order to keep track of where they will be placed when the time comes.

Drawing the outlines of the main shapes on the hull pieces helps keep the final form in mind. And for anyone reading this who hasn’t seen any of my previous Imperial cruiser work, the pieces I use are laser-etched and cut and have a very high level of panel line detail.

One of the more fundamental parts of an Imperial style build is making sure that the hull lines are nice, sharp and straight. This is accomplished by utilizing steel and brass rods. In this case, I used four per hull plane in order to maintain rigidity. During this stage of the process I also added rare-earth magnets which will serve as mounting points for the eventual support rods. Also, in preparation for the next stage (and equally fundamental step for maintaining a clean form) was constructing a jig to make sure the triangular angles of the hull are consistent. 

Here are the hulls joined at the proper angles. Now she’s starting to look like a Star Destroyer! In the past I’ve added additional supports as crossbeams, or bulkheads. This time I decided to put strengthening strips across the center line to create a horizontal ribbing. So far it feels more secure than the older method, mostly because there’s more surface area connecting the two hull halves. Last little step in this update was cutting out the insets on the side trench lips. They are arranged differently than the pattern that was laser-etched, but weren’t difficult to cut out. Much of the bare-detail areas where the original cut outs are will be covered up by edge detailing soon.

1/2500 Star Trek Cadet pt3

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Decals done, base assembly has begun finally. There’s still a bit more paint work I’d like to do on the K’tinga but the Federation ships are pretty much done. I’m not super pumped about how they are turning out, what with the thick + brittle decals and inaccurate shaping in some cases. If I went slower maybe but I’m remembering why I haven’t worked in this scale for a while….

1/4222 Victory II-class Frigate MASTER COMPLETE!

•September 5, 2014 • 3 Comments

That’s right it’s done!! She’s all detailed up, sealed and ready for casting. This ship, seen in the Star Wars: Battlefront games is close to 6″ long and in scale with TONS of other 1/4222 ships!! This will be produced by Tom of Utar Models so keep an eye out!

Cosmos Models 1/350 Battlestar Galactica Fighters now available!

•September 3, 2014 • 2 Comments

Now available from Cosmos Models!!  Prices include domestic shipping.

1/350 Viper Mk II $12
1/350 Viper Mk II $12
1/350 Viper Mk II $12
AND the very last few sets of these:
1/1000 Fury-class Starfighter $12

1/2500 Star Trek Cadet pt2

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Matte white then Pearl white. Brass engine details, silver bridge details and some medium blue details. Decals are thick and brittle. :( Will be slow going. Also a few shots of the putty process.

1/1000 IPV-1 Patrol Cruiser MASTER WIP pt1

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Last one for the day!

Simple ship. Still needs detailing though.

1/1000 Interceptor IV Frigate MASTER WIP pt1

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THIS one is a beast! It’s also the toughest one to clean up because of all the inset areas of details. Good thing I finally picked up some dental picks!

1/1000 DP-20c Gunship MASTER WIP pt1

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Simple kit! Needs more detailing but very clean prints!

1/1000 Action VI MASTER WIP pt1

•August 12, 2014 • 2 Comments

I’m going to keep pouring these out today! This is the Action VI made popular by the Heir to the Empire comic series. Again, a bit more work with sanding and rescribing the lines, but overall the prints came out nice.

1/2256 Vengeance-class Frigate MASTER WIP pt1

•August 12, 2014 • 2 Comments

Another great set of prints from PCS! A bit more work to do on these parts to get them all to line up, but pretty much all the details are there. This will end up being a multi-media kit because it will need different gauges of wires and rods for all the antennas and mass driver barrels. It’s a beast!

1/2256 Mon Calamari MC-30 Frigate MASTER WIP pt1

•August 12, 2014 • 2 Comments

Prints came in and they turned out great! After some fair amount of sanding I added a coat of primer. There’s still a small amount of detailing to add, a little bit more sanding and then it’s ready!

1/2500 Star Trek Cadet pt1

•August 12, 2014 • 2 Comments

Picked up a little set of ships to work on over vacation. Easy to build but a lot of seam filling and sanding. Like, A LOT. Turning out pretty well, though. Each one will have it’s own little dome base. :D

2 recent completions

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1/72 Maschinen Krieger Falke Armored Raider pt3

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Finished up the base and started on the detailing and weathering phase.

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt4

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Almost done. Did a few good rounds of weathering: MiG dark wash, Tamiya soot pigments and then a whole swath of AK’s products from the prize package!! Just need to seal the canopy and re-add the antenna wire. Turns out that neato elastic cord does not like clear coat!

1/2256 MC-30 Mon Calamari Frigate WIP pt2

•July 15, 2014 • 1 Comment

90%!!!!!!!!! Now I just need to clean up the tail pieces, rescale, repair and we’re good to print!

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt3

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Decals! Tonight I’ll seal them and apply a wash. :D

1/72 Maschinen Krieger Falke Armored Raider pt2

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While I was painting the 109 I figured I’d apply a similar scheme to the Falke! A little bit more of a challenge since it’s so much smaller, but I like where it’s headed. There’s still some detail work to pick out and decals to apply, but I think she’ll turn out nice, too.

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt2

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Revamped my painting area this weekend and had a first go using my new Iwata airbrush!! It was a little tricky finding the right position for the needle but after some practice I found a good balance of line and flow. Only the topsides, tail and blue separation under the exhausts were masked. The spinner was hand painted and the “chipping” (yes I know it’s a little sloppy) was applied before the under-decal coat of future was applied. Next up will be decals! I’ll use the kit decals and cut apart the “8” to make a “3”.

1/2256 MC-30 Mon Calamari Frigate WIP pt1

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Almost done working on the seams between the engines and body halves!!

1/72 A-Wing dual commission pt2

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Started working on the McQuarrie conversion. The recessed section on the nose and belly had to be filled. Since the McQ version is a little more flat, I’ll have some major sanding/filing to do to get the seams flush.

1/48 Sputnik XII Scratchbuild pt2

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More progress on Sputnik XII. All the electronics were wired up, including the stand. Turns out the mass of the build is a little on the heavy side for the stand joint, so I reinforced it with a slight angle. The side bulges had a square hole filed to fit the nav markers so they peek out just a bit. I also routed the orange LEDs to the engines, which are Stephan’s handiwork. 3 for the big one, 1 for each little one. The 6 “fins” were also finished out with a fiber optic strand running the length so the tips will flash. I’ll probably also add a beacon on the top and bottom of the main sphere, too. Still plenty of building to do!

1/72 I-7 Howlrunner Master pt3 DONE

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Master completed!

1/48 Studio Scale TIE Bomber DONE

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Totally forgot to share this one, too!

Full portfolio link HERE

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ DONE

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Totally forgot to post the final pics and link to the full gallery!!

Here’s the Cosmos Models portfolio

and here are some shots:

1/1000 Fleet prints in house!

•July 2, 2014 • 2 Comments

Action VI clocking in at 12.5cm!!!

Interceptor Frigate!!!


AAAAAAAAAAND Corellian Gunship DP-20c!!!


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