1/2256 Utar Ships CR-70 and CR-90 Corvettes DONE!

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1/4222 Utar Ships MC-30 Frigates DONE!

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More Utar Ships again!

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Flat white on the Corvettes, Camo gray, custom rust tone mix

and gunmetal on the Frigates.

1/1000 Gizmotron Klingon Bird of Prey pt2

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More airbrush time results. It’s amazing how much of a difference 10 minutes of painting can show. Other details are from patient brushwork. Some of the red feathers got 2 coats to create variance.

1/350 Gozanti Cruiser pt3

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Same base coat of light ghost gray pretty much sprayed on everything. The TIE’s wings and Gozanti’s windows were added with a ball point pen. Also sat quietly and brushed some of the metal areas.

1/200 SA-43 Hammerhead COMMISSION pt2

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Was pretty sick past couple of days but managed to fire up the airbrush for short period of time. Base coat down and asteroid base finished. Slowly but surely.

1/200 SA-43 Hammerhead COMMISSION

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I was approached to do a small diorama featuring the SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter from Space: Above and Beyond. Since the client asked for it in 1/200, I figured it’d be easy enough to just use a 3D print and now worry about doing a production of Hammerheads in this scale. There was a small issue printing from Shapeways but it was easy enough to correct with some styrene and some putty. (However, I now have plans for 1/350, 1/144 and possibly a new 1/72 kit in the future…) This commission will have the fighter flying over an asteroid styled base.

1/350 Gozanti Cruiser pt2

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Started this one WAY back in June and figured I’d add some more ships to make it a little dio. Now there is a small escort flight of TIE Fighters.

1/1000 Gizmotron Klingon Bird of Prey

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This is my second build of this ship in this scale. ST:III, ST:IV and ST:VI have all been on television in the past few weeks and I forgot how much I appreciated this ship when I was a kid. It’s a good design and a good platform for experimenting with panel filters, washes and other weathering techniques.

The buildup was SUPER straight forward. The only two things that I did differently with this build were 1) adding some magnets to the inside of the belly piece for a support rod, thus eliminating the need for a drill-hole for support and 2) replacing the resin cannon barrels with brass tubes and hypodermic needle tips. Very careful drilling was needed for the latter but I think they came out just right.

One other thing that this kit needed was a set of decals to replicate the line pattern that is featured on the front of the hinges. So I sourced up some images from the studio model and made my own decal for the hinge front. :D

She’s all primed up in black and waiting for the first base layer of green zinc chromate and then we’ll work up from there!

More Utar Ships

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Quick a clean build process. As I’ve stated before, the itch strikes hard and I just need to get to something. No so much build time with these but just getting something into the paint prep stage feels like a triumph. In this small batch there are 2x MC-30 Frigates in 1/4222, and a CR-70 (EpIII Tantive IV) and a CR-90 (EpIV Tantive IV) in 1/2256.

1/2500 Star Trek Cadets DONE!

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All wrapped up!





Commission: 1/7200 Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer

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I was itching to get some real progress done on some of the commission work on my bench so I started with this one. It’s the Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer first seen in the background in the Dark Empire comic series. (See here and here). My client asked for it in 12″ scale, but since this build will utilize parts I pre-fabricated for a different project, it will end up being closer to 13″ or 14″. The math works out to be somewhere around 1/7200. I’ll also be designing a blueprint-style laser cut plaque for the base. Detail wise, the majority of the plans are derived from FractalSponge’s rendering (see here). Some details, such as the domes, conning tower, turbo-laser turrets and ion cannons will be 3D printed. 


Onto the parts! I printed off the orthographic images in scale with the parts and began trimming and assembling. Many of the super-structure and raised surface panels are similar to standard ISDs so minimal re-cutting/shaping was necessary to fit the build. I started numbering them in order to keep track of where they will be placed when the time comes.

Drawing the outlines of the main shapes on the hull pieces helps keep the final form in mind. And for anyone reading this who hasn’t seen any of my previous Imperial cruiser work, the pieces I use are laser-etched and cut and have a very high level of panel line detail.

One of the more fundamental parts of an Imperial style build is making sure that the hull lines are nice, sharp and straight. This is accomplished by utilizing steel and brass rods. In this case, I used four per hull plane in order to maintain rigidity. During this stage of the process I also added rare-earth magnets which will serve as mounting points for the eventual support rods. Also, in preparation for the next stage (and equally fundamental step for maintaining a clean form) was constructing a jig to make sure the triangular angles of the hull are consistent. 

Here are the hulls joined at the proper angles. Now she’s starting to look like a Star Destroyer! In the past I’ve added additional supports as crossbeams, or bulkheads. This time I decided to put strengthening strips across the center line to create a horizontal ribbing. So far it feels more secure than the older method, mostly because there’s more surface area connecting the two hull halves. Last little step in this update was cutting out the insets on the side trench lips. They are arranged differently than the pattern that was laser-etched, but weren’t difficult to cut out. Much of the bare-detail areas where the original cut outs are will be covered up by edge detailing soon.

1/2500 Star Trek Cadet pt3

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Decals done, base assembly has begun finally. There’s still a bit more paint work I’d like to do on the K’tinga but the Federation ships are pretty much done. I’m not super pumped about how they are turning out, what with the thick + brittle decals and inaccurate shaping in some cases. If I went slower maybe but I’m remembering why I haven’t worked in this scale for a while….

1/4222 Victory II-class Frigate MASTER COMPLETE!

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That’s right it’s done!! She’s all detailed up, sealed and ready for casting. This ship, seen in the Star Wars: Battlefront games is close to 6″ long and in scale with TONS of other 1/4222 ships!! This will be produced by Tom of Utar Models so keep an eye out!

Cosmos Models 1/350 Battlestar Galactica Fighters now available!

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Now available from Cosmos Models!!  Prices include domestic shipping.

1/350 Viper Mk II $12
1/350 Viper Mk II $12
1/350 Viper Mk II $12
AND the very last few sets of these:
1/1000 Fury-class Starfighter $12

1/2500 Star Trek Cadet pt2

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Matte white then Pearl white. Brass engine details, silver bridge details and some medium blue details. Decals are thick and brittle. :( Will be slow going. Also a few shots of the putty process.

1/1000 IPV-1 Patrol Cruiser MASTER WIP pt1

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Last one for the day!

Simple ship. Still needs detailing though.

1/1000 Interceptor IV Frigate MASTER WIP pt1

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THIS one is a beast! It’s also the toughest one to clean up because of all the inset areas of details. Good thing I finally picked up some dental picks!

1/1000 DP-20c Gunship MASTER WIP pt1

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Simple kit! Needs more detailing but very clean prints!

1/1000 Action VI MASTER WIP pt1

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I’m going to keep pouring these out today! This is the Action VI made popular by the Heir to the Empire comic series. Again, a bit more work with sanding and rescribing the lines, but overall the prints came out nice.

1/2256 Vengeance-class Frigate MASTER WIP pt1

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Another great set of prints from PCS! A bit more work to do on these parts to get them all to line up, but pretty much all the details are there. This will end up being a multi-media kit because it will need different gauges of wires and rods for all the antennas and mass driver barrels. It’s a beast!

1/2256 Mon Calamari MC-30 Frigate MASTER WIP pt1

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Prints came in and they turned out great! After some fair amount of sanding I added a coat of primer. There’s still a small amount of detailing to add, a little bit more sanding and then it’s ready!

1/2500 Star Trek Cadet pt1

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Picked up a little set of ships to work on over vacation. Easy to build but a lot of seam filling and sanding. Like, A LOT. Turning out pretty well, though. Each one will have it’s own little dome base. :D

2 recent completions

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1/72 Maschinen Krieger Falke Armored Raider pt3

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Finished up the base and started on the detailing and weathering phase.

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt4

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Almost done. Did a few good rounds of weathering: MiG dark wash, Tamiya soot pigments and then a whole swath of AK’s products from the prize package!! Just need to seal the canopy and re-add the antenna wire. Turns out that neato elastic cord does not like clear coat!

1/2256 MC-30 Mon Calamari Frigate WIP pt2

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90%!!!!!!!!! Now I just need to clean up the tail pieces, rescale, repair and we’re good to print!

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt3

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Decals! Tonight I’ll seal them and apply a wash. :D

1/72 Maschinen Krieger Falke Armored Raider pt2

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While I was painting the 109 I figured I’d apply a similar scheme to the Falke! A little bit more of a challenge since it’s so much smaller, but I like where it’s headed. There’s still some detail work to pick out and decals to apply, but I think she’ll turn out nice, too.

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt2

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Revamped my painting area this weekend and had a first go using my new Iwata airbrush!! It was a little tricky finding the right position for the needle but after some practice I found a good balance of line and flow. Only the topsides, tail and blue separation under the exhausts were masked. The spinner was hand painted and the “chipping” (yes I know it’s a little sloppy) was applied before the under-decal coat of future was applied. Next up will be decals! I’ll use the kit decals and cut apart the “8” to make a “3”.

1/2256 MC-30 Mon Calamari Frigate WIP pt1

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Almost done working on the seams between the engines and body halves!!

1/72 A-Wing dual commission pt2

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Started working on the McQuarrie conversion. The recessed section on the nose and belly had to be filled. Since the McQ version is a little more flat, I’ll have some major sanding/filing to do to get the seams flush.

1/48 Sputnik XII Scratchbuild pt2

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More progress on Sputnik XII. All the electronics were wired up, including the stand. Turns out the mass of the build is a little on the heavy side for the stand joint, so I reinforced it with a slight angle. The side bulges had a square hole filed to fit the nav markers so they peek out just a bit. I also routed the orange LEDs to the engines, which are Stephan’s handiwork. 3 for the big one, 1 for each little one. The 6 “fins” were also finished out with a fiber optic strand running the length so the tips will flash. I’ll probably also add a beacon on the top and bottom of the main sphere, too. Still plenty of building to do!

1/72 I-7 Howlrunner Master pt3 DONE

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Master completed!

1/48 Studio Scale TIE Bomber DONE

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Totally forgot to share this one, too!

Full portfolio link HERE

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ DONE

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Totally forgot to post the final pics and link to the full gallery!!

Here’s the Cosmos Models portfolio

and here are some shots:

1/1000 Fleet prints in house!

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Action VI clocking in at 12.5cm!!!

Interceptor Frigate!!!


AAAAAAAAAAND Corellian Gunship DP-20c!!!

1/48 Sputnik XII Scratchbuild pt1

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Digging through parts bins can be somewhat of an inspiration. I came up with a bunch of stuff for a scratch build that could end up as a Sputnik (let’s say XII) or a MaK satellite. Thinking recon, autonomous, signal interceptor….light gray/white with chrome accents and access stencils. Maybe some red stars. Oh, and LED engines and navigation strobes. I have a lot of this thought out already. The main hangup is the engine block section. I’m also still unsure about the side bulges and whether or not they should have the “sensor” fins or whatever.

1/2256 Dreadnaught base finished!

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FINALLY took the drill and router to the frame to add the switch and jack. Easy as pie.

1/4222 Victory-class Frigate Master ramping it up

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Another master to revisit and clear off the bench! Utar is getting this one to produce as part of his 1/4222 line! It’ll be a single hunk of resin packed with tons of detailing! Still have a bit of trench and lip detailing, super structure detailing and some random surface paneling. Maybe more, we’ll see. Here’s where she stands now.



1/350 Gozanti Cruiser pt1

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My third Gozanti build and another quick one! She’ll also be a test bed for my new airbrush. :D This is the later edition with the styrene dishes. I put some photo etch on the belly cage instead of the kit part, too.

1/72 Maschinen Krieger Falke Armored Raider pt1

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My first MaK! Robb Merrill hooked me up with this little guy a few years back and after seeing the cool Falke’s at Wonderfest I thought this would be fun. I added some extra detailing, like the antennas, bombs, some plumbing and some tubes. The base will eventually have a nice little grass/field kind of thing. Not sure what scheme to go with but I’m thinking something similar to what will go on the Emil.

1/48 Tamiya Bf109E-4/7 pt1

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These Tamiya kits sure do build up quickly. The most time consuming parts were painting the pilot and masking the canopy! My plan is to use this more as a test bed for my new Iwata HP-BH airbrush. The hose adaptor is still in the mail so it might be a couple weeks until I’m able to finish it. But here it is right now!

1/72 I-7 Howlrunner Master pt2

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Got a bit more sanding and detailing done over the weekend.

1/72 A-Wing dual commission pt1

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Another commission has begun! It’s lucky I had a couple of these A-Wings from RB26 in my stash still. They’re amazingly detailed kit for the scale. This particular build will be 2 fighters flying in formation. One of them will be the classic Return of the Jedi on screen scheme and the second will the the Ralph McQuarrie concept sketch scheme.

The base will house all the electronics with options for a wall plug or on-board 9v. I dug up some cool rocker switches, too, so that will be integrated into the side of the base. WHICH will be the Death Star tiles fit into a slim tall black picture frame. Each fighter will be supported by 2 brass rods, each with a shielded wire running through it terminating at the pins. Each fighter will have a socket on the belly that will allow for them to be removed or positions swapped.

The kits themselves are pretty chopped up from when I first got them. There was a day where I thought to just prep every resin kit I had for lighting. Maybe 6 or 7 kits were drilled out before I thought I had inhaled enough resin dust….j/k I ALWAYS were a mask and goggles!!! But still, I really gutted these and wasn’t as careful as I should’ve been. There will be some fix up areas but nothing too severe. Parts were carefully selected for each version, with the cleanest and most intact pieces going to the standard scheme and the slice-n-dice pieces heading to the McQ. Looking at the McQ version, there are a lot of things to work out to make the conversion. Some of them include filling out the bottom “vent”, rebuilding the engines (tubes and fins!), squaring off the nose and filling, new cannons, tapering off the sides more,  routing out some details along the spine AND repaneling. The level of modification will be determined by the client but I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to achieve a nice blend of the 2 designs.

Lastly, the red scheme will have the standard pilot, but the McQ will get something else!! Perhaps a Mon Cal? We’ll see. I have a pile of pilots from Studio StarForge to select from!!BWaw_IMAG3457

1/2256 Support Vessels

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These are part of the MC-80 and Dreadnaught commission pool.

1/2256 Vengence Frigate MASTER WIP

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3D done and off to the printers! @ 1/2256 she’ll be 7″ long, 8″ tall and 7″ wide…ish. But she’ll also be a multi-media kit with piping for the antennas and mass driver cannons. Oh yeah. And hollow for lighting.

SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt14

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She’s all wrapped up…here’s a teaser:



Revisiting the I-7 Howlrunner Masters

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Working our way down the scales lines, here’s the 1/72. You can get a sense of the parts breakdown…it’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle and I need to work on the parts so they fit together seamlessly. There must have been some shrinking with the material since I had the parts printed. No prob. Workable.

And the 1/144, which is ready for casting.

And the 1/270 and 1/350’s. These need a little more cleanup before they are ready.

1/144 Jawa Sandcrawler pt5

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Wow. I haven’t worked on this guy since DECEMBER!!! Well, it feels good to make a little bit of progress.


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